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Turbo LS Powered Winnebago Hits The Streets!

When it comes to what’s powering your ride, a lot of people will tell you that the LS swap is played out. As somebody who does tinker with LS-powered vehicles, I think that just about anybody can admit that there are a ton of these swaps out there. However, regardless of if you’re one of those people who is frivolously hating against LS power or someone who is in love with it, I think that a build like this can really break down the walls and make just about everybody fall in love no matter what your opinion on these engine swaps. It’s just one of those things that is really hard to not smile at when you see it rolling down the street, whistling away.

In this one, we see none other than a turbo LS powered Winnebago as it makes its way through the streets. The crew behind this one decided to drive the rig out to the cruise weekend in Ocean City, Maryland a couple of weekends ago as they showed off the turbo V8 power that is now scooting along the vehicle that’s expected to be quiet and slow. While it might not be the fastest thing that Cruise Weekend had to offer because of all the weight behind it, it’s still pretty neat to hear the turbos spooling up and powering the old Winnebago down the street.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll begin to see exactly what such a crazy concoction ends up looking like when it makes its way to the physical world. Honestly, after seeing what this thing has to offer and getting a little bit of a taste of it, we have to admit that we’re raring ready to see it make its way down the drag strip.