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76mm Turbo Silverado VS 03 Cobra On The HWY.

As of late, we’ve been finding ourselves coming across more and more stellar Chevrolet Silverado videos as folks have been tuning these things to the max, hooking them up with just about every power adder that you could possibly imagine. This one is the perfect example.

Even in 2015, an 03-04 Ford Mustang Cobra with a 75 shot of nitrous would be a stout competitor for a majority of average street cars. When driving one and lining up against a full-sized pickup you’d be handing out an ass whooping, right? Too soon junior!

This Chevrolet pickup truck is one sleeper that is built to compete and compete it does as it spools up and shows us the capabilities of a truck motor when you toss a little bit of boost in its direction. This thing is really a little bit scarier than one might expect!

Not only does the pickup feature a built motor, but a 76mm turbo really aids the Silverado in keeping up with the Mustang, it even manages to pull on the car in one of the competitions of speed. Check out this nasty truck for yourself in the video below and be sure to tell us what you think of the boosted beast!

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