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Turbo SRT Jeep Grand Cherokee Running Low 9’s

There are just some things that defy logic, even when you see them with your own eyes. Among those is big, boxy, heavy SUV’s laying down ridiculous quarter mile ET’s. This boosted Jeep Grand Cherokee certainly defies all logic as it blitzes the quarter, ripping off an insane 9.32 elapsed time.

Just imagine heading to the grocery store, stocking up on groceries for the wife and kids, and spanking literally every other car on the road that might make the mistake of challenging you to a race at a stoplight. Rest assured, there are very, very few cars on the road that can run a single-digit time at the track. In reality, the majority of cars on the street can’t run in the 9’s in the eighth mile, much less the full 1320!

Watching this video over and over does little to help wrap one’s head around a huge, portly SUV running these numbers, but one thing does stand out that even adds to the improbability: the launch is fairly soft, meaning this thing possibly has even quicker ET’s in its future! Already reasonably close, maybe a harder launch will put this Grand Cherokee into the eight-second zone??? It certainly isn’t far from the next threshold on the “Did that really just happen?!” progression.