Turbo’d Speed Plowing in a Volvo BM 810 w/ 4-Furrow Plough

If you ask many people what the most valuable thing they could have would be, many ...

If you ask many people what the most valuable thing they could have would be, many would probably immediately respond with money or some other sort of precious metal. However, the true answer to that question that I think most people would consider to be correct would be time. As it is the only asset that is never going to be replenishable and is definitely something that you cannot purchase for yourself, time tends to be one thing that many people put an incredibly high value on and for good reason.

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If you could take on a job and get it done in an hour or so when it would normally take three hours, you would hop at the chance, right? Well, this time, we check out some incredibly quick plowing is a turbocharged Volvo tractor hooks up and throttles down. It’s not really clear how common something like this is or if he’s putting the tractor in peril by rolling it around that quickly, but I have to have to admit that I have never really had found watching somebody farming to be interesting, that was, until I saw this beast of a machine ripping around in the field and getting the job done!

Check out this incredibly quick tractor that takes the job at hand then condenses it down just a little bit. I’m not sure about you, but I think there are a good variety of people who, if they saw this thing in action, absolutely wouldn’t mind doing a job like this for themselves. Sure that it is some incredibly difficult labor still, at times, but being able to roar through it like this is truly a treat. After checking out this plowing display, be sure to tell us what you think of how quickly this tractor was able to make it through the job at hand.

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