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The BEST Gift For Your Kid? Turbospoke – The Bicycle Exhaust System

If you’re a parent looking for a last minute gift idea, things can start to get more hectic the closer that you get to Christmas. I mean, the days are counting down and not only do you not have very many good ideas but all of the hot items are selling out so what is somebody to do? If you find yourself in this predicament this upcoming holiday season, something like the Turbospoke may be the present for you! This idea expands off of the good old baseball card in the spokes idea to include a full exhaust pipe for your bicycle. It’s pretty neat how the play on nostalgia can bring kids some good old-fashioned fun without having their face stuck in their electronics.

We’re not sure where this was at when we were kids, but we would have been all over this. I remember spending countless hours riding around on a bicycle and even some hours trying to paint it up and make it sound different with that good old baseball card trick that would be the envy of the neighborhood. Let’s just say that something like this would have gone along nicely with all of the other crazy things we tried and even thrown more of a finished feel in the mix to have a nicer looking end product.

Check out the advertisement for the product below and let us know what you think of it. Is it too gimmicky or would you buy one for your kids… or yourself? We weren’t paid in any way to put this out there, but we have to say that it’s simply too cool to ignore! Hats off to the folks over at Turbospoke for coming up with something that’s so familiar and so simple but also a product that has an interesting twist of innovation as well!

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