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Turning Scrap Into Gold – $250 Worth of Junk Transformed Into Jet Ski

Sometimes, it can seem like a bit of a downer when the factor of money feels like it’s preventing you from getting out on the water. However, in all sorts of different ways in the motorsports community, we have seen people overcome this lack of funds to do something creative and get to their goals. It’s not always about going out and buying the best on the market. Sometimes, you can build something just as good in your very own garage!

This time, the goal in mind just so happens to be to obtain a functional jet ski. As we have seen over and over again on the Thánh Chế – Mr Hồ YouTube channel, the man behind the uploads has built some wild things from what most would probably consider being scrap.

This time, the idea is to put together a ski and keep the budget down. With the equivalent of about $250, this video takes said scrap materials and pieces them together along with a good amount of craftsmanship and patience and creates what looks to be a perfectly fine functioning jet ski.

Sure, this might not be the brand new vessel with custom suspension and a braking system that one might find out at a Sea-Doo dealership. However, we have to say that we were super impressed by the way that this creator took what is essentially garbage in most people’s eyes and fashioned it into something that can be enjoyed all summer long.

With videos like this, it just goes to show that with a little bit of talent and maybe a couple of tools, one can get out on the water without spending all that much cash. Sure, something like this is probably going to take a little bit of time to put together but if spending money just isn’t an option, maybe it’s worth looking into a home-built project like this one.


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