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Road Rage Turns into Multi Car Crash, It’s Not Worth it!

There are very few situations in which you can act on your road rage and come out in a favorable manner. Scratch that, I can’t think of a single situation where acting on a fit of road rage has ever benefited anybody in a positive and productive way.

This time, we check out yet another couple of idiots that need to be added to the pile of people who have taken road rage way too far and lived to pay the price. I’m sure that there’s an innocent person or two mixed into this unfortunate series of events as well. The aggressor should have maybe considered that before acting out here.

It isn’t exactly clear what sparked this sequence of events but what is clear is the fact that three cars got tied up in the crossfire. It looks like one driver tried to squeeze his way in between two lanes of traffic and, as a result, all three cars would end up off of the road with some having more damage done than others.

Check out the video below as a following truck has its dash cam rolling to capture the entire sequence of events on camera. I bet that afterward, whoever initiated this little fit out of anger felt pretty darn stupid and probably ended up having to pay the price in a pretty hefty way.