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Rental Car Companies Battle it Out With Turo Trying to Destroy Them.

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned in any area of business, it’s that remaining stagnant could put you out of business. This is one thing that lots of industries have had to learn the hard way. Long gone are the days where one can just set up and operate the same way for 30 or 40 years. These days, things are changing regularly. People have more power in the palm of their hand than they ever did before. This changes everything from hailing a cab to renting a car.

With both of the previously mentioned services, the world of apps has proven to disrupt the flow. Today, though, we chose to focus a little bit more on rental cars. This is an industry that has been the same way for a relatively long time. With companies like Turo coming into the mix, though, things are changing. Much like Uber, the service allows individuals to make a little bit of money as well. It’s basically a means for organizing a peer-to-peer rental service. There is no big business involved outside of Turo’s take.

However, it seems as if these kinds of services are angering the rental car industry just a little bit. While companies like Turo do have their shortcomings, the service certainly can provide more upside in other ways.

As somebody who has personally used both of these methods of car rental, I can say that Turo can be rather exciting. Instead of just the same old selection of cars, the service seems to offer a bit more variety. For example, I once found myself renting a late model Shelby GT500. Sure, the car wasn’t brand-new but it wasn’t one that I could get at a traditional rental service, either. If I were to rent one from the rental car service, it would probably have to be brand-new. In that case, I would be paying an arm and a leg to get the chance to get behind the wheel. That is, if they even had them available.

What folks seem to enjoy more about Turo, is that the fees seem to fade away a little bit more. We can’t say that the experience is completely fee-free. After all, they do have to profit from their business. However, they do seem to pride themselves on not charging excessive fees that we find in rental car companies. Many of these big businesses lather their bills with fees, many of which they probably can’t even decipher.

By following along with the video below, Wall Street Journal gives us an inside view of how the industry has been moving forward. It seems like these two different entities are engaging in a battle. Perhaps, before long, one will reign supreme and the other might just be put out of business.

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