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TWIN 88mm Turbo Z28 Camaro @ SCT Nashville!

TWIN 88mm Turbo Z28 Camaro @ SCT Nashville!

Because we see such a vast amount of cars, there are very few cars that truly wow us. Our desensitization is a tragic flaw, but when we do come across something that makes us take a second look, it’s bound to be truly impressive.

This beast of a Chevrolet Camaro fits that bill perfectly. Here is what our friends at 1320video had to say about the car:

“This Camaro is packing two 88mm turbochargers powered by a 509 cubic inch engine under the hood. Check this thing out!

Our favorite part about it was the twin fuel tank setup on it allowing him to cruise anywhere he wanted without issues, although we think it’s a little too far of a stretch to call it a ‘street car‘, which is why he was in the unlimited class… thought he wasn’t scared to take the cruise for the street car class”

Check out the video of the car dominating all competition below.

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