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Twin Turbo Corvette C7 – 9 Second Street Car

The C7 Corvette aftermarket has been accelerating rather quickly, just like the C7 itself. Therefore it’s only natural that there’s a little bit of friendly competition unfolding every day as we’re still writing the pages to this story.

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The latest couple of pages belongs entirely to Late Model Racecraft and their beastly builds. The latest record was set by breaking their own shop’s record with a pass of 9.95-seconds at 144.46MPH with their twin turbo build. If that isn’t enough for you, all of this is done in 98 degree weather. We could only imagine how hard the forced induction setup would rip should the temperature and DA drop a bit.

LMR tells us that  “you could let your grandmother drive and she wouldn’t even know it made 800+ hp till she got on the throttle!” We have no problem believing that and can’t wait to see more!

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