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Twin Turbo Corvette Yanks 100-Yard Wheelie!

Witnessing a killer wheelie is like art and science coming together in one and making for the most epic display that you can wrap your mind around. This time, the action comes via Mark Carlyle and his rowdy Chevrolet Corvette out at Holley’s LS Fest.

We have seen Carlyle’s Corvette before and it’s no surprise that this thing always has some quick times and stellar action in store for us and this collection of clips is no different!

We look on as the LS-Powered twin turbo machine powers its way down the quarter mile to an 8-second pass on the brakes before cracking off a couple of mid 4-second passes in the eighth mile that include a few where half of the time is spent on the back wheels.

Check out the BigKleib34 video below that shows off all of the action as it unfolds in front of our eyes. This machine is certainly one to be admired and always seems to please the crowd.


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