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Twin Turbo Donk Has A Bit Of A Surprise, Ready To Hurt Some Feelings

When it comes to going fast down the drag strip, it can be really easy to discount cars that have big chrome wheels on them. Not to judge a book by its cover, but most of the time they aren’t running too quickly because with that much wheel and that little rubber, odds are, if you don’t have just the right setup, any substantial power will blow the tires right off, leaving the car to do nothing but spin, never gaining the traction necessary to put together a nice head of steam.

This time, however, an old-school Chevrolet sporting a pair of turbos and a little bit of LSx muscle alongside those massive wheels teaches us that maybe we should keep an eye out and learn to expect the unexpected. This thing really rolls out with a little bit of forced induction that throws a new element into the equation that will put you on notice. That whistle should somewhat give it away but I feel like most people would sleep on this thing! It’s not hard to do because of the aforementioned physics that generally go with a wheel and tire setup like this one.

Check out the video below as the old school ride shows us that it has more than just a little bit of shine and that it can get down to business at a moment’s notice! Before you’re even expecting it, the boosted beast will reach back and lay the smackdown. This machine is as much show as it is go as it shows that it really has what it takes to put on a show out there! Be sure to check out the incredible machine down below for yourself and tell us what you think of this speed demon that ends up being a pretty good version of a sleeper if we’ve ever seen one!


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