Twin Turbo LSX Powered Sand Car Is a Wheelie Monster!

While there are many ways to have a good time, this is a surefire recipe for some of ...

While there are many ways to have a good time, this is a surefire recipe for some of the most fun you’ll ever have!

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Combine some tubing with four wheels, mix in cushy shocks for ride quality, throw in some seats – with safety harnesses – and helmets for the occupants and sprinkle in some boosted LSX for horsepower. Bend it, weld it and bolt it all together and you have one badass ride that jumps dunes and wheelies on command.

The mad scientists over at Nelson Racing Engines crammed a wicked 427 CID LSX powerplant, complete with two turbochargers, into Carl Scott’s sand buggy. With everything dialed in and ready for action, they headed out to the desert to hit the dunes to see what this thing would do with the pedal to the metal, and needless to say, it looks like all the fun!

Thanks to the paddle tires on the back and the rudder-like fronts, this thing handles the sand almost like a jet boat handles on water, including slinging a wall of sand high into the air like its marine counterpart. You can hear the engine rev and the turbos spool and as soon as the boost builds, the nose reaches for the sky.

With who knows how much horsepower on tap – 2,000 seems reasonable – this thing has no trouble popping up jumps, and the long travel shocks let it soak up the jumps and landings like most cars handle a speed bump. Combining the awesome propensity for wheelies and the soft suspension, this thing has to be an insanely good time on the sand. I know I for one would certainly love to spend a weekend shredding the dunes in it with a few of my closest buddies.

What do you guys think? Would you have fun in something like this, or does this not interest you at all? I know everybody is into something a little different than the next guy, but this seems like it would appeal to most everybody out there, especially if you’re here on the site!



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