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Twin Turbo Pickup Truck VS 1000HP Cadillac CTSV… The Space Race

The Head Hoonchos over at Hoonigan are back at it again with today’s Daily Transmission, and it’s one of the most funnest episodes of the DT yet! In the yard today to have some fun is the badass twin-turbocharged LS powered Toyota pickup of Jeff Kay, a sleeper of sorts that looks like it should be tooling around your parents’ neighborhood offering lawn service for $20. Complete with a (totally bolted in) push mower in the bed, the truck still gives away a little of the surprise with twin K&N cone filters peeking out of the headlight openings, but unless you see it coming, this thing is certainly a sleeper if we’ve ever seen one.

Under the hood of the “STOKISH” tagged ‘Yota lies a GM 4.8 liter iron block fitted with 6.0 liter heads and a ZR1 cam. Be sure to check out the trick fuel system mounted in the bed, featuring a stock GM FlexFuel sensor that adjusts the tune on the fly based on the fuel in the tank! When stuffed full of air from the twin Turbonetics turbos, the engine puts down about 700 to the wheels, but seeing as how this generation of Toyota is fairly light weight, the power to weight ratio should be right up there with most any supercar, or close enough that the little pickup will scare the crap out of them in a stoplight race. Power goes rearward from the engine through a McLeod clutch to a GM T56 trans, then on back to a Ford nine inch rear with 3.55 gears. With that kind of gearing and the HP level the boosted LS is cranking out, this thing should run really well up top, at least until the aerodynamic gods take over and impose their will on the boxy badass.

Joining the pickup in the Hoonigan back yard, a 1,000 horsepower CTS-V that lines up for possibly the shortest sanctioned drag race in the history of the sport. The first go around, the race is a literal photo finish, with no clear winner. As we’d expect the two line up for another run, and this time the pickup finds a bit more traction and just pulls ahead of the Caddy at the finish line, approximately forty feet from the starting line. Following his victory, Jeff noses the truck up to the Dock and lets loose some massive clouds, ending the day with a great smoke show. We love to see the fun our brothers in Hooning have at their HQ, and we can’t wait to see what kind of antics they have in store in the next Daily Transmission!