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Twin turbo truck towing a twin turbo big block boat at SEMA

When it comes to the SEMA show, all of the biggest and most dazzling builds that have been under the knife all year (probably even longer in most cases!) come to life with the aim of stopping the show and bringing the most attention possible to companies who are looking to get their names out there even more.

This time, we catch up with a truck and boat combination that really does a stellar job of making people stop and stare in the midst of some of the most impressive vehicular creations that this world has seen.

With a set of twin turbos sticking out of the hood, your attention is drawn to this Chevrolet C10 and when you get up close and personal with the truck, you see about a million other touches and intracacies that make you stop and stare. That’s before you even get to the boat on the trailer attached to the back of the truck, the boat that is showing off a set of twins of its own to really bring this display full circle.

Check out the video below as we take you inside of the SEMA show and bring to life what was most certainly a crowd favorite. Be sure to tell us what you think of this incredible setup.