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Two Brothers Inherit Lifelong Barn Find Collection With a Little Bit of Everything

For those of us who admire everything with wheels, it can be easy to get a substantial collection going. Sometimes, this collection could find a way to sneak up on us. After all, finding deals over an extended period of time can certainly add to the stockpile. It might not be long before we have all sorts of different items to choose from in our personal vehicle collection.

Sometimes, these collections are full of running and driving automobiles. However, that really takes a lot of maintenance. It might be kind of difficult to fathom the amount of work that it takes to keep a whole barn full of cars running and driving at the same time. In fact, this could easily turn into a sort of full-time job if the collection gets out of hand enough.

This time, we check out such a collection that has grown to a pretty extensive level. The amount of cars here spans farther than the eye can see. Once upon a time, the entire slate of vehicles was handed down to a pair of brothers. Before they knew it, they were instantly swimming in cars and parts of all different ages.

By following along with the video below from the folks over at Hagerty, were able to catch up with the collection. This one might just make the nostalgia start flowing as it really gives us a wide variety of favorites to choose from. When it comes to barn find hunting, most of the time, it’s just one vehicle or maybe two at the focal point of the video. This time, though, there are all sorts of different generations to absorb. Just imagine being in a position where an entire collection like this is dropped on you all at once. It almost gets to the point where it becomes sort of overwhelming.


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