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Two Cummins Powered Dodge Trucks Pull 60,000lb Ship Up A Ramp

For every job you might run into, there is an appropriate tool or set of tools to get it done. Whether it might something as simple as installing a fan in the bedroom or as complex as erecting an entire garage, there is an appropriate tool to make sure that the task at hand is handled cleanly and professionally. Sometimes, you might not have all that much money to go and buy all of the speciality tools and have to make do with what’s at your fingertips and there might be opportunities to really show how handy you are in that spot.

Even having grown up around boats, I can’t really say that I’m a boating master, however, I would venture to say that there’s a piece of equipment that would be able to pull this 60,000-pound ship out of the water. However, without such a piece of machinery that probably clocks in with an incredibly high price tag, it looks like the people who were responsible for getting this massive boat out of the water decided to make the best use of what was at their fingertips and it definitely creates an interesting display to watch. Their methods also manage to end up being pretty effective in the process.

If you decide to follow along down in the video below, you’ll be treated to quite the display of truck muscle as this pair of diesel powered Dodge Ram pickup trucks lay all of that Cummins generated torque on the line, attempting, in unison, to yank this boat out of the water and they really do so with flying colors. In a spot where one truck simply won’t do, it appears as if two trucks were perfect for getting the job done and they managed to put on quite a show in the meantime.