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Two Prochargers In One Mustang… How Does That Work?

In the pursuit of going fast, there are many ways to reach your desired goal. Some prefer a pair of turbos, others will stick with the tried-and-true equation that involves a hit of nitrous and yet another group will decide to try their luck with a supercharger set up.

This time, however, we catch up with yet another possibility that I personally cannot claim that I have ever seen before and it might just throw you for a loop as well.

The driver here is known as Mustang Mike and Mustang Mike most certainly has a unique setup on his plate, so unique in fact, that the front of the car has to indicate that the two spinning impellers mounted in the bumper aren’t turbos. Instead, this Fox Body is playing ball with a set of ProCharger superchargers. That’s right, two of them!

Check out the BigKleib34 video below that takes us inside of the action as this twin ProCharged Car makes a couple of passes down the track at the 2016 Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals at Maryland international Raceway and even manages to take home the crown for the Radial vs Modified class, outgunning a variety of worthy competition and taking home a cool $10,000.