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Two Stroke Direct Injection… Innovative 2 Stroke Engine Technology

While it might seem like, in the world of transportation, all the focus on power is in electric power, combustion engines are still very much advancing at an exciting pace. While it hasn’t necessarily been something that is completely accepted by everyone yet, the method of fuel injection known as “direct injection” is one that takes your fuel injectors from the intake manifold straight to the combustion chamber, which is argued to provide a whole bunch of benefits from being more efficient at burning to get better fuel economy and even creating more power with fewer emissions.

Some may argue that it’s just a fad and that direct injection, which is now used in more than half of combustion-powered automobiles produced, will eventually fade away but watching it in action is definitely kind of exciting in these small engines.

It’s always neat to see how simple things like this can be repurposed to create a more efficient combustion process. This time, the direct injection is taken to a two stroke engine and we’re given an inside scoop to see exactly how it will function so that we can learn just a little bit more about how the technology works and how it could potentially be implemented to change the way that we see these combustion engines as a whole.

Follow along in the informative video down below that takes you along for the ride with this setup that promises to spit out some interesting results that might just have you thinking about grabbing up this tech for yourself. After you see all that this combination is supposed to offer, tell us what you think of direct injection, specifically when it comes to the use of it in a two stroke engine. Do you think that this form of fuel injection is here to stay?