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Two Year Old Learning To Drive His Own Custom Built Power Boat

You might think you have a cool kid, but I can pretty much guarantee your kid isn’t as cool as Olly!

Young Olly is only two years old, but he’s already learning how to properly operate, transport, and care for his boat, which just happens to be one of the cooler creations we’ve come across as well. The diminutive craft is a homemade replica of a Lewis Boomerang ski boat and features a 35cc two stroke engine for power, giving it a nice little authentic gurgle that matches the detail in the craft itself.

Young Olly being only two, his mom and dad made the wise decision to hold back on the throttle, keeping the boat just above idle until the tiny captain is a little more comfortable at the helm. It’s pretty clear right off the bat, though, that Olly will have no problem learning to guide his vessel and deftly maneuver exactly where he wants to go.

Of course, if you know anything about boating, you know that cruising about on the water is only part of the fun, and is sort of the pay off for a little hard work int he areas of transportation and caring for your craft. Olly is more than ready to tackle these aspects of the hobby as well, though, as you can see. He has no hesitation grabbing the winch on his tiny trailer and pulling his boat into position. Anybody out there who has ever winched a boat onto a trailer by hand can tell you, this is certainly not an easy task for an adult, and although his boat is much smaller, so is Olly. But that doesn’t slow him down.

Finally, any good sailor knows a day on the water has to end with a thorough scrubbing and that’s the last step in Olly’s day, breaking out the scrub mitt and soap and washing his boat from stem to stern.

This is one reason I still hold out a little hope for our future. If only there was one Olly out there for every kid that eats Tide pods, the world would have a much better chance of survival.