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U-HAUL Rental Truck Gets Sideways! Car Meet Chaos..

I’m going to do these guys a favor and not even bother looking into where they’re from, because I don’t want to be the one responsible for their fun getting shut down, and they clearly have a lot of fun. So I’m just going to say somewhere south of the border, there’s a parking lot in what looks to be an industrial park that has seemingly zero police activity, as this huge group of gearheads spends over two hours slinging donuts and generally being ridiculous and don’t have a single officer show up to disperse the crowd.

The assortment of cars is certainly diverse, with most of them being your fun daily driver, including a couple of Mustangs, an Infiniti Q50, and a wicked Stillen-equipped 300ZX. For as long as they care to, each of the cars and trucks jump into the conveniently wide street and get to work churning up some tire smoke and swinging huge donuts, skidding from curb to curb while the crowd cheers them on just feet – and sometimes inches – away.

At one point, a U-Haul rental pickup even jumps into the fray, wasting a few dollars worth of rubber off the rear tires while drawing a huge response from the onlookers. I’m not sure if “No donuts” is forbidden specifically in the U-Haul rental agreement contract, but something tells me that’s not what they had in mind for their trucks when they decide to add pickups to the fleet.

All in all, this is pretty harmless fun, although Alex, one of the friends of the cameraman from The Supercar Suspects, does get clipped by a car. While highly illegal, it’s a lot less harmful than many other activities we can think of that these guys and gals could be out doing. We don’t know if the cops see it the same way and let them have a few hours of fun, or if their location just happens to fall in the cracks between jurisdictions and afford them some freedom to play. As soon as they go to a couple of other spots, the cops seem to show up quickly, so it’s probably the latter.