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U.S. Army to Implement Hover Bikes?

U.S. Army to Implement Hover Bikes?

It seems almost too futuristic to be true, but like it or not, hover technology has evolved to the point where it should start to become cheaper and more widespread across all walks of life.

The latest to get in on the craze, or so we’re told by the Baltimore Sun, is the United States’ own department of defense. We have no official word but are told this could become a reality sometime soon.

Could you imagine our soldiers flying around on drones like some sort of futuristic J.J. Abrams movie, taking out the bad guys one by one on their personal hovercraft?

Check out the video below that shows off this oversized drone in action. As of now, it’s only being tested with a dummy for legal and safety reasons, but the creators say that it would handle human weight with no problem.

At 2000 rounds per minute, this Gatling gun is insane!

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