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Ugly Christmas Sweater Could Win You a Ford Raptor / Mustang or $50,000 In Cash!

Ok, look guys. We normally bring you all of the latest and greatest with your favorite cars. Sometimes, we even throw some wacky viral stuff in the mix as well. Today, though, we’re not here to tell you about any of that. Oh no. It’s the holiday season and we’re here to help you get in the spirit.

Today, we’re unveiling a couple of ugly Christmas sweater designs that are so ugly that they’re actually pretty. These bad boys are sure to make you stand out at just about any party. Turn Grinches into Christmas Carolers with these amazing sweaters.

Printed on XYZ, they’re bound to be as warm as they are attractive. Oh yeah and HOW COULD WE FORGET!? We went all out on this epic “BURNOUT” knitted effect holiday print on a ohh soo buttery soft crew neck sweater, seriously….. you won’t find a better holiday sweater PERIOD! Rolling a big smokey burnout between two Christmas trees before hitting the checkered flag, adorned with wrenches, turbos, poinsettias, snowflakes, piston, cams and alternating Speed Society Icon logos for the win. The left arm is hit with a red Icon logo and a full right sleeve of white and red icon holiday amazingness.

Every apparel item purchased, including these, will get you entries into our latest giveaway. For those who haven’t stayed in the loop, this time, the options are awesome. In one corner, we have a built SVT Raptor that will make any off-road fan jealous. In the other, we have one of Daddy Dave’s own creations in a 700+ RWHP Ford Mustang that is bad to the bone.

Oh yeah, before we forget, $50k cash is also one of the three options you’ll have to choose from. How’s that for holiday spirit?

(ONLY 500 EVER MADE) Pre-Order the 2019 Special Edition BURNOUT Ugly XMAS Sweater and have it shipped to your doorstep by December 9th!

Select your size and pre-order your holiday sweater today, will ship just in time for all your holiday parties, car meets and of course wear it loud and proud at your family get-togethers 🙂


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