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Ultimate Spool Master – Twin Turbo LSX 69 Camaro Slays the Track

If you have been around the automotive performance world for any period of time, you have seen your fair share of LS swaps. While there are lots of people who love these swaps, we’ve been seeing a growing group of people who openly oppose them but after seeing something like this roll down the drag strip, we aren’t really sure how you could manage to not fall in love with something that’s set up like this.

In this BigKleib34 flick, we head down to Cecil County Dragway in Rising Sun, Maryland to check out a Sloppy Mechanics and Urban Racecars inspired twin turbo Chevrolet Camaro machine powered by 427 cubic inches of LSX power that is able to push this car down the drag strip to some impressive quarter mile times.

We’re told that the crew is still working on their 60-foot times but for now, while ramping in the boost, the first generation Camaro is able to see times that dip into the seven-second range at over 180 mph in the quarter. Basically, to sum it all up, this angry animal is absolutely flying through the traps on the top end.

Ride along with Mark Freidrich’s insane Camaro as it heads out to the strip for a couple of passes that yield some amazing results. Be sure to check out the video below to see what this blistering speed demon is all about as it makes the best of its natural habitat out on the strip.