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Ultimate Stroller For Kids, Hitting Switches At A Young Age

Sometimes, when you’re truly passionate about something, it really shows. In certain situations there is no hiding the fact that you really have a lot of focus, energy, and dedication to aim at one aspect of your life or another. This is something that’s really common here in the gearhead community as many of us choose to take cars and make them not only something that gets us where we need to go or even something that’s in place as a hobby but instead, something that’s a much bigger way to ingrain in pretty much every aspect of our life, no matter how much it might seem strange to people who don’t quite understand.

In this video, we get the perfect example of how someone who just so happens to be a gearhead might also take that concept and hammer it home in a bunch of other ways. In this one, we’re seeing something that really otherwise would have absolutely nothing to do with cars and trucks in a child’s wagon that doubles as a sort of stroller, however, it appears as if someone in this little tyke’s family managed to find a way to make something so simple and otherwise mundane and integrate with their passion so nicely as they pulled out all the stops to make this thing incredibly awesome.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to feast your eyes on this lowrider stroller that doesn’t only look the part also plays the part as well. In many cars that look similar to this and possess the low rider style, you will commonly see a hydraulic suspension that’s designed to let the cars bounced up and down. Now, obviously, this one isn’t quite as robust, however, the hydraulic system on this car really allows it to put on quite the sideshow.