Unboxing and Delivery of a Bugatti Chiron is Unlike Any Other Car Delivery

Most of the time, when you purchase a vehicle, it’s a fairly straightforward ...

Most of the time, when you purchase a vehicle, it’s a fairly straightforward experience that should be pretty much the same most of the time. Sure, some dealers are going to treat you better than others and might have a couple of extra perks, however, most of the time, it’s as simple as cash, signing some paperwork, and driving off with your new car.

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However, with some of the higher-end cars on the market these days, owners have come to expect an experience moreso than just a car. If you’re spending six or seven figures on the vehicle, you’re going to want it to be something that’s special and, as such, we’ve seen some cars coming with quite the package that ends up not only being an experience for the buyer but also, an innovative marketing tactic for the people behind the vehicle to benefit from. Just think about how many Demon Crate videos and posts we ended up seeing.

This time, we get to check out exactly what it’s like to be a part of a situation that only 500 people will ever be able to experience in their lifetime. As the original owner of a Bugatti Chiron, there are quite a selection of features that you’re going to have to take your time to dig your way through which includes a box full of goodies and memorabilia that is certainly a great way to put a little something extra on the delivery of the vehicle that makes the new buyer feel like they’re getting something that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to see exactly what a new owner of such a car goes through as they shelled out their hard earned cash and a lot of it on a car that is oh so much more than something that you simply drive. Instead, it’s a lifestyle on wheels!

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