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Underground Racing 259 MPH Half Mile World Record

Is there a point when breaking records becomes, dare I say it… routine? If you happen to have the good fortune to be a part of the Underground Racing family, it just might, because the UGR team has done it yet again.

Most recently, the team loaded up and headed from their North Carolina home base to Colorado for the ShiftSector Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack. Despite competing at over 6,000 feet above sea level in the thin Rocky Mountain air, Underground managed to have yet another car break the standing half mile record, inching ever closer to the hallowed 260 MPH mark.

This particular car, a Lamborghini Huracan fitted with one of Underground Racing’s twin turbo combinations, is owned by DRAG965 and was being driven at Pikes Peak by KC Howeth.

Howeth hammers the throttle and launches the car hard, getting pretty good traction off the line to rocket the car down the runway-turned-dragstrip. The car’s transmission had a minor glitch and KC actually had to roll out of the throttle briefly to get the car to drop into second gear, but after that, it was nothing but mind-numbing acceleration as the car screamed down the half-mile track.

You can see from the different angles, this was hardly a walk in the park. With a brisk breeze and the car fighting for traction all the way thorough the half mile, Howeth had his hands full, but managed to keep the throttle matted through the speed traps at the top and click off a new standing half-mile record of 259.6 MPH, putting UGR within a half a mile per hour of breaking the 260 MPH mark.

With another event coming up in Indiana, an area that’s lower elevation but will probably have higher ambient temps and humidity, the barrier could fall there, especially of they’re able to sort out the 1-2 shift problem. Congrats to the UGR team for such a stellar showing at Pikes Peak!