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How To Unlock Your Car in TEN SECONDS

How To Unlock Your Car in TEN SECONDS

Locking your keys in your car can be one of the most inconvenient instances that you’ll ever face in life. Not only do you have to wait around for the lock guy, but you also have to shell out some major coin for five minutes of his time… or do you?

This Youtuber came up with a quick and easy way to unlock your car if you find yourself in a sticky situation, that is if you have manual locks like the car in this video does.

Watch as the owner of the car works like a magician, easily using a piece of string to get himself out of a tight situation in just ten seconds! Let’s just make sure that you only use this method to unlock your own car, capisce?

If you don’t have the finesse to carry out this method, there’s always smashing into your car with a hammer like this guy…


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