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Unstoppable 4-Runner on Tracks Runs Through Snow Like a Hot Knife Through Butter

Over the years, the Toyota 4Runner has built up quite a reputation for itself. Not only has the SUV been known as one of the most formidable off-road machines that one can buy straight off of a dealership lot.

It also has proven to be one of those trucks that you just can’t destroy. Many people have attested to the fact that the 4Runner has proven to be one of the most reliable vehicles that they have ever owned. Time and time again, we hear of situations where these things are racking up hundreds of thousands of miles and they just won’t be stopped.

As the platform ages, we even get to see some pretty slick modifications done. Most of the time, these modifications are aimed at helping the midsize SUV when it comes to traveling off the beaten path. This time it’s certainly no different and it’s an absolute thrill to watch. We actually can’t help but want to join in here.

In this particular situation, someone decided to take the very capable SUV and make it even more capable. They managed to accomplish this with a set of tracks. That’s right, what we’re seeing here appears to be the likes of a Toyota and a tank hybrid. Just when we thought that a 4Runner couldn’t be much more capable, we’re proven wrong!

By following along with the video below, we get to ride through the snow with the SUV. The tracks onboard really help the machine cut through the winter wonderland like it’s absolutely nothing. The machine doesn’t seem to struggle at all as it makes this wild terrain look like nothing more than a typical Sunday drive.

In most areas, something like this probably wouldn’t be the most practical setup. However, it looks like nothing short of an absolute blast of an off-road toy.


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