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Unveiling the World’s First AWD 4 Rotor RX-7 at SEMA 2016

Published By: Jesse Kleib

Article By: Kristian Nyberg

Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest car show of the entire year is upon us. We are talking about the biggest builds of them all as they all come together in one monumental week in the city of lights to be seen by the world. Everyone is on their A-Game and it’s great to watch!

This year, among the most impressive of the cars that have captivated our attention, Rob Dahm and his long-awaited Mazda RX-7 build has been unveiled and offers an experience unlike any other. This is really one over-the-top idea that has come together in the most perfect way imaginable.

Featuring a 4 rotor engine, this build is definitely unique but that doesn’t make it the first of its kind. When we dig deeper into the creation from the folds of the mind of Dahm, we see what makes this car a feat to be admired, something worthy of the headlines of SEMA and then some.

Take a ride on the wild side in the video below that showcases Rob’s version of the perfect Mazda, bringing together the insane power plant with perfect weight distribution and an all-wheel-drive drivetrain based off of the Hoonicorn. This is really something that is a lot to wrap your mind around.

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