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“B is for Build” Unveils LS Powered Huracan

When it comes to the SEMA show, everything that’s automotive is on display. This includes all sorts of showcases from massive automotive manufacturers all the way to entertainers and the aftermarket. The spirit of the show is for participants to go out there and put on their best. This means putting together builds that are larger-than-life. It might also mean that brands showcase new products or concepts that could make their way to market. At the end of the day, the tradeshow is about everything that’s new and exciting about the automotive industry.

Sometimes, the new and exciting surrounds something that might’ve been done via YouTuber. One of the builds showcased at this year’s show was the Lamborghini Huracan put together by the guys from B is for Build. This isn’t just any Lamborghini, though. Obviously, as it’s sitting on the show floor at SEMA, it has to be something special. We would argue that this thing really has gone beyond that.

In a series showcased on their channel, we watch as a Huracan has come back to life once again. Instead of replacing the car’s components with aftermarket bolt-ons or factory Lamborghini components, we see something entirely different. In a complete rebuild, this builder has taken the LS swap to an entirely new level. Normally, when builders think of these kinds of swaps, it’s in some sort of cheap vehicle or something off-the-wall. A top-of-the-line supercar isn’t what we normally envision. However, this is something that is certainly a ton of fun to be able to sink our teeth into.

By following along with the video below, we get to see the last moments leading up to the show and how they ended up getting the car on the showroom floor. As it turns out, this was a venture that was easier said than done. Just when we thought that last-minute preparation was limited to racing, this video blows open the world of SEMA prep.

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