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UPS Has a Mother-Truck of a Delivery Drone Idea!

With each and every day, it seems like we are taking bigger and bigger steps toward technologies that seemed impossible just several years if not months ago and it’s really an exciting time to be alive as all kinds of new luxuries begin to push their way to the forefront of innovation and become more available to us all.

Now, the idea of e-commerce giant, Amazon, using the likes of a drone to get their packages to their customers in the quickest amount of time possible has been a topic discussed over and over again in the headlines but now, we’re able to take a look at how shipping company, UPS decides to get in on the game with their own little twist.

Now, unlike Amazon, UPS isn’t exactly attempting to deliver packages from one central facility to their customers, but rather, they plan on implementing drone technology in order to aid the drivers that they already have on the roads by launching the machines off of the roofs of their trucks and they think that it can save them big-time!

Check out the video below that explains how UPS plans to save nearly $50 million a year by cutting a single mile out of each of the 66,000 drivers’ commutes every day. Who knows, with technology like this being put into place, it doesn’t seem long before the price of shipping starts to drop just like the price of a floppy disk… for those of us old enough to remember those, that is.