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UPS Just Dropped a MASSIVE Order of 10,000 Electric Delivery Trucks

Each and every day, we find more examples of stories that tell us that perhaps the days of combustion are about to be numbered. These days, with the quickly expanding electric market, it can be hard to deny. Sure, electric vehicles do have their shortcomings. Different things like battery range might be an issue. Long term, figuring out how to recycle these batteries and how expensive they’ll be to replace will be a concern as well.

Potential drawbacks

However, we think that we can draw a parallel with something like cell phone technology. Not too long ago, the best that we had been phones that didn’t really even have usable cameras. Fast forward a couple of years and we basically have cameras in our pocket that are better than professional film equipment from a few decades ago. Sure, it might’ve taken a couple of years to get here. However, with constantly evolving technology, a better product was inevitable. We think the same concept might apply to the vehicles that we drive.

UPS replacing a portion of their Fleet

In one of the latest big developments in the electric vehicle corner of the world, we find it reaching out and touching UPS. As a massive company that has built its infrastructure on delivery trucks, moving into the electric space is huge here. In fact, the company has recently ordered 10,000 trucks. That accounts for about 8% of their current fleet that combines for 123,000 ground vehicles. The number might be small but it creates a new piece of the pie that we’re sure will grow. Replacing almost 10% of ground transportation in a global company like UPS is certainly no small feat.

The trucks come from a relatively unknown EV startup that goes by “Arrival.”

The smaller vans are said to enter the fleet later this year, says Autoweek. They continue that we can expect the full 10,000 to be delivered over the next 5 years. The vans are expected to have a 150-mile range.

Is This The Future?

It’ll be interesting to see if this ends up being the future of package delivery. It really seems like an area that could provide high volatility. After all, with constant rumored drone technology from Amazon, we never know what’s going to happen next. Heck, we’ve even seen package delivery robots tinkered within the market.

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