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The US Government’s $350 Million Doomsday Plane

In today’s version of how the government is spending your money, we check out an airplane that is designed to survive, well, just about anything. Without the Boeing E4 Advanced Airborne Command post, the President and other high up political figures will be able to survive in the air in the event of an absolute emergency. We’re talking, of course, about some sort of nuclear catastrophe or another major catastrophic event. Until then, well, I guess the airplane just kind of sits there and collects dust, waiting for its time to shine. Hopefully, this is a $350 million dollar investment that we will never have to see used.

So what exactly is it that is obtained for such a steep investment? Essentially, the plane is to act as a flying bunker. It seems like safety is probably the most expensive part of this contraption. On board, we see everything from living quarters to a meeting room and even a place for media to emit a signal that everything is alright to whoever’s left on the ground. The plane is designed to be able to be in flight for up to a week which means that there are also other amenities that one would expect for being trapped in such tight quarters for that long period of time. Yup! That means there’s even a kitchen.

By following along with the video below, we get a top to bottom of what one can expect with this aircraft. It doesn’t seem like there are too many luxuries aboard which is a stark contrast to something like Air Force One. However, if the entire world is imploding underneath of this vessel, I don’t really think that those on board are going to be too worried about their golden toilets. It’s pretty hard to tell if this is an exercise in excess or something that might really be necessary one day. After watching this video, maybe you can decide for yourself.