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US NAVY 5600 mph Railgun – Navy’s Gigantic Electromagnetic Railgun

When it comes to producing weapons for the armed forces, things can tend to get a little bit expensive. Therefore, they’re always looking for a way to not only reduce expense but also increase firepower and, as you can imagine, these two measures are a little bit counterintuitive to one another, moving in opposite directions on the axis of bank accounts. The more power you ask for in a weapon, the more money you’re probably going to spend, however, with technology constantly evolving, you never know what they’re going to come up with to pack more of a punch on a more efficient dime.

This is where we check out the Navy’s gigantic electromagnetic rail gun that promises to be as efficient as humanly possible, stacking tons of power into a nice and concise package that’s able to spit out ammunition that only cost $25,000 each. That might sound like a lot of dough, but when comparing it to what it was replacing that clocks in somewhere in the millions of dollars range per piece, it really pushes things into perspective a little bit easier. Why exactly does it all cost so much? Well, we’re pretty happy that you asked.

If you dial yourself into the video down below, you’ll learn all about the machine that hocks out ammunition at 56,000 mph. In other words, we’re looking at Mach 7 or seven times the speed of sound that this thing is plowing toward the enemy. From the looks of things and the way that this weapon is able to easily plant its way through several sheets of solid steel, this machine packs plenty of punch and is done on a more efficient budget than before. I wouldn’t say that they’re exactly balling out on a budget yet as many of the elements to this gun cost quite a bit still but we’re certainly moving in the right direction!