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Police use construction trucks to catch speedy drivers, is this right?

Nobody likes to get a speeding ticket but the fact of the matter is that when police pull you over for speeding they are just trying to uphold the law most of the time and in order to try and proceed with the balancing act of keeping the public safe from harm it’s a necessary evil.

Now, normally, when police are out and looking for speeders they will perch themselves on the side of the road or in the center of the highway and run the radar gun out of a car that may or may not have police markings on the side. This time, they take that level of hiding to an all new high and instead of simply using an unmarked cruiser, they get even more sneaky.

Instead of finding a nice and hidden place with their police cruisers, this time, the officers hide right in plain sight with the use of construction vehicles. Now, if they’re trying to be secretive we can’t really grasp why they would want this story broadcasted on the news but it has really left their method of catching speeders open for public interpretation and as you could imagine, the public really sounded off.

Now, the community really seems to be polarized on this issue so check out the details of Operation Orange Squeeze down in the video below and tell us what you think. Is this appropriate or are they crossing the line for something as minor as speeding tickets? We will leave it up to you!

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