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Why Nobody Wants A Used Tesla Model 3 – Resale Value Just Died!

With how much progress Tesla has been making in the electric car market, it’s really easy to forget that the brand is not that old. Electric cars have only really been successfully mass-produced for less than a decade. In turn, Tesla is also a company that’s been involved in this mass production for a similar amount of time. Therefore, this market really seems to be teaching us something new every day. With things like resale, we might tend to think that these electric vehicles will act similarly to normal used cars. However, within the electric car and Tesla market, there’re nuances that might change things up a bit.

One example of something that could affect the price is the tax rebate that comes or came with such cars. It seems like some folks have decided to purchase a vehicle just to get the tax incentives before flipping it. All of this is coming while the Tesla Model 3 that was promised at a $35,000 price point had been sold from Tesla for much more. While the original Model 3 was selling for more, newer ones are surging toward that promised $35,000 mark. It’s not hard to see how these types of changes could determine a lower price in the used market as well.

By following along with the video below, we catch up with Tesla expert, Rich Rebuilds. In this one, he takes us inside of the used Tesla market. This definitely seems to be an area where folks should tread lightly. In this day and age everybody is looking to be green, including the US government. Therefore, we never know what incentives might be behind purchasing an electric vehicle in the future. With all this in mind, it really makes buying an electric vehicle, used or new, seem like a little bit of a gamble.