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Using Compressed Air To Remove Paint, As Satisfying As It Is Effective

When it comes to the final gleaming product in front of you that you see you at your local car show, it’s not always as easy as it might seem to get that shine. With the paint that is nice and finished, going along with all of the small touches that bring a vehicle together in such a way to make it look like it’s as new as it was when it came from the showroom floor, most of the time, getting a surface like that isn’t as easy as keeping it cleaned and waxed. Many times, with older cars, it requires a little bit of restoration in one way or another which again requires a lot more detail than you might think.

As many would argue in the world of making sure that your paint is nice and shiny, it’s all about what’s underneath the paint more so than the coloring itself. Don’t get us wrong, high-quality products and a good job of laying it down are definitely important but the preparation work that goes into making the surface nice and ready to take on color is the majority of the battle in getting everything to look shipshape.

In some cases, this might even mean taking your surface down to the bare metal, really starting from ground zero and building your way up. After all, if you were to build a tower, you would make sure to have a strong foundation and when it comes to the world of paintwork, it’s certainly no different.

If you ride along in the video below, you’ll be able to watch the neat method of stripping down a surface that goes by the name of “soda blasting.” Basically, what it does is making use of compressed air along with an abrasive to blow the paint right off of the surface from which it is adhered to. In addition to being highly effective, this is certainly a process that’s a lot of fun watch.