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Using WD-40 to Bring Old Crusty Wheels Back to Life Again

One thing that might be overlooked when taking care of a vehicle is making sure that your wheels are able to maintain their shine by taking care of them in the best way that you possibly can. Now, it can definitely be easy to let your wheels slip away from you and lose that shining finish but if you play your cards right and have the type of wheels that agree with restoration, just a couple of steps could get you from the crusty pieces of metal that you have all the way to a shining product, almost as good as they looked when they left the assembly line, if not a little bit better!

This time, we check out the process that an aluminum set of wheels will go through, at least in this method of bringing them back to life again, as they get a little bit of love from a buffer. It all starts out with a can of WD-40 that begins to get all of that grease and grime off of these wheels to get the party started. Before long, the surface is sanded down and there’s a nice base to start working with. This is where the magic starts to happen and that dingy surface begins to get its shine on, coming back in such a way that you won’t believe your eyes.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to join in on this process for yourself, seeing how all of the steps come together, at the end of it all, to create one finished product that you’ve got to see to believe. After seeing this one, you might just want to head out to your very own ride and start polishing, bringing some life back to those wheels that it’s sitting on tht you probably haven’t cleaned up properly in months.

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