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The State Of Utah Is Now Trying To Legalize Running Red Lights

Every once in a while, we come across a bill attempting to become law that might be a bit controversial. Not too long ago, we heard murmurs of areas in California potentially switching it up so that there will be no speed limit. It really seems like some of these laws could be updated. After all, the speed limits in many areas have been in place for years. Automotive technology has come along fast, even as recently as the past 10 years. Limits that have stood for decades may be due for an update. Perhaps driving 60 or 65 mph in some areas is simply inefficient as cars are making great strides in safety.

Speed limit debates are probably going to swirl for quite some time in the future if we were to guess. It’s something that has been a part of the conversation for a while. It has just now been seeing some change. However, one thing that we haven’t really seen to widely spread is a bill like this. Apparently, in the state of Utah, there is a proposition in place that would allow drivers to legally run red lights. It’s probably not what you’re thinking, either.

When we first heard of this, we thought that it would be a catchy headline that eventually ended up with the punchline of getting rid of red light cameras or perhaps giving drivers a couple of extra seconds of leeway if they do blast through a light. However, instead, this bill will allow drivers to legitimately run red lights. It’ll be in place on roadways where the speed limit is 55 or less. If approved, the bill says that drivers must stop for 90 seconds, observing the area before continuing to proceed through a red light. It seems to include some sort of language related to drivers using their discretion where travel isn’t too heavy.

Now, on one hand, it’s not hard to see why there would be opposition to this. On the other, I’m sure that there have been times where we have all thought about blowing through a red light.