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UTV Jump Goes Perfect… The Landing? Not So Much!

If you’re out enjoying your time in the sand dunes, ripping around in any sort of fun vehicle whether be a dirt bike or something more like a UTV, it might seem like you have all the space in the world to be able to go out there and throw yourself around. All of that void with nothing but sand is only left to be completed by you throttling down and ripping in whatever direction you’d like, really going all-out with no boundaries or cares, or so one would think. As much as that seems like a dream sequence, there are still other riders and drivers out there that you should probably be on the lookout for.

In this one, we check out a situation that shows exactly that point and more as it brings us the classic situation of  “somebody stopped and somebody didn’t.” It might seem rather simple, however, with all of the momentum that the vehicle with the camera on board has, it kind of looks like this one was rather painful as the guy behind the wheel of that UTV launched it off of a jump that had been designed for just that purpose, however, when he came down, it turned out that somebody decided that they wanted to stop right in the middle of the landing pad. As you can imagine, the crunch sounded like it probably shook up at least one of the occupants here.

I guess that mistakes definitely happen but on the other hand, maybe the situation also goes to show you that you can learn little bit from everything. I think the lesson learned here is that maybe if you’re in an area that’s congested with other people, you should think a little bit more critically about where they’re going to be coming from and how they’re interpreting the situation. We don’t have the full details as to why the individual was stopped at the end but it certainly seems like an area where the driver won’t be stopping in the future.