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Cracking the Throttle on a V12 LS Engine

Over the years, the LS engine has quickly cemented its place in the history books. This architecture is one that has really managed to become a cornerstone of the performance community. Love it or hate it, there aren’t too many engines that come close to this caliber of performance per dollar. People become so passionate about these engines that the aftermarket has absolutely exploded. There are entire events like Holley LS Fest that bring thousands of people from around the globe to celebrate LS performance.

This time, we get to take yet another look at an LS, but this time, with a twist. Instead of Something like a junkyard application or even a high dollar LS build, we find something incredibly different. Instead, we’re checking out an application that couldn’t simply be bought from a catalog. This variation of the LSX platform is one that has definitely undergone its fair share of engineering.

Traditionally, with the LS platform, we are used to a V8, of course. While there are a million different variants and ways to configure these engines, this one heads outside of that box just a little bit. With this LS, we find that four extra cylinders are added on top for even more fun.

Now, we have seen this engine floating around the web before. In fact, it has even been featured here on Speed Society a couple of times. However, we can’t really say that we recall ever getting the opportunity to hear it at wide-open throttle. In this one, we watch and more importantly, listen, as the V12 LS ends up cracking open that throttle and doing a heavy pull on the dyno. It’s hard to not be impressed when somebody undergoes this amount of effort to try out something new. In between, the folks over at Fullboost are sure to ask the questions that we’re all wondering. Better break out that notepad because this is some groundbreaking stuff!


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