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V8 twin turbo Torana dyno

V8 twin turbo Torana dyno – HASTY Auto Trans

Some Stats on this bad boy!

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Luke’s Hasty Auto Trans 1976 Holden Torana is back on the dyno with a boost increase hoping to run an 8-second pass. The car is powered by a 408ci cast iron LS engine complete with twin Garrett GT35/40 turbochargers, Hasty T400 transmission and runs on E85 pump fuel. Dyno tuned by Allsparks Performance.

What is a Torana? The Holden Torana is a car that was manufactured by General Motors–Holden’s (GM-H), the Australian subsidiary of General Motors (GM) from 1967 to 1980. The name comes from an Aboriginal word meaning “to fly”. The first Torana (HB series) appeared in 1967 and was a four-cylinder compact vehicle with origins in the British Vauxhall Vivas of the mid-1960s.

Whilst the 1969-73 (LC and LJ series) cars included more popular, longer-wheelbase six-cylinder versions, and with the 1974-77 (LH and LX series) cars adding eight-cylinder versions to the mix, a range of four-cylinder versions continued for the entire production life of the Torana (with later versions being marketed as the Holden Sunbird from November 1976).

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