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Vacuum Cleaner Company, Dyson, Thinks they can do Electric Cars Better, So They’re Taking a Shot

With the idea that the electric car will hang around and end up not being a fad, it looks like just about everybody is trying to get in on this potential gold mine. When we say that everybody is getting in on it, we certainly aren’t exaggerating, either. The latest news of a company looking to throw their name on the ballot in on the whole electrical vehicle market is Dyson. If the name sounds foreign to you then start thinking other industries because it’s probably a company that you recognize but certainly not for creating electric cars. Instead, the company is known most for creating vacuums. However, there is some overlap to be seen but we will get to that in a minute.

It was announced by Founder and Chief Engineer, James Dyson to employees that he would be investing $2.7-billion into designing an electric car by the year 2020. From what we have learned, Dyson has always seen himself as a sort of person who wants to battle pollution and this is one of his ways of accomplishing that goal. Apparently, James plans to pull out his blueprints on battery development and, along with an acquisition that formerly made didn’t make any sense in Sakti3, the company that is based around designing electrical vehicle batteries, I guess that you can say that the vacuum cleaner company has some big plans! The bigger picture is all coming together now.

You might be inclined to laugh at something like this headline upon a first read but remember, even Henry Ford’s first vehicle companies left him just about broke before he ended up becoming the Godfather of it all. You never know who is going to emerge as the next big thing, leaving their mark on history. As of now, most everything is speculation but it will be interesting to see how all of these competitors to the flagship company in Tesla end up panning out when push comes to shove a couple of decades from now.