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Valet Reveals 10 Industry Secrets That We All Need to Know

When we catch wind of valet stories, it’s usually for someone taking things a bit too far. Let’s just say that some have become skeptical of handing over the keys to their high horsepower cars. After all, most of the time that we hear about a valet, they’re doing something they shouldn’t be. After all, there’s not much to report on when someone is doing their job properly without drama.

While we understand the tendency to protect our rides like a hawk, not all valets are that bad. In fact, we would probably say that less than 1% of the stories represent what people know about the industry. That’s not exactly a fair representation of how things actually are, if you ask us.

This time, we check in with VINWiki as they take us behind the scenes to tell us how things really work. Joining them on the show, this time is Alex Farrington. VINWiki tells us that “Alex Farrington (IG: @lamboallstar) has been in the valet industry (IG: @prestigevaletservices) for 23 years. It has been a great business, but it has some bad moments. Here are 10 more crazy valet stories.”

In this one, they end up covering quite the amount of ground as Farrington digs into some of his most frequently asked questions. From what he has to deal with as the owner of a valet company to covering some of the most expensive cars that he’s been responsible for, this seems to be a tell-all interview.

By following along with the video below, we get to take a look inside the world of the valet. Outside of the headlines, this seems to be a rather intriguing world to immerse ourselves in. Maybe, after watching this video that spells it all out, some might even find a little more comfort in leaving their keys with the valet.

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