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Van Doesn’t Fit in Parking Garage, Driver Sends it Anyways

Sometimes, when you end up in a tight situation, you just put the pedal to the floor and hope for the best. Apparently, for the owner of a van that was spotted in a viral TikTok video, that was the philosophy in mind. We couldn’t help it cringe as the van made its way through a parking garage with a little bit of a twist.

Anyone who has a taller vehicle and has attempted to make their way through such a structure has cringed a little bit inside and watched the top of the ride as it comes close to hitting the markers that tell how high the ceiling is. Apparently, this particular garage didn’t have those markers or the owner of the van pictured in a recent video decided that they didn’t care.

The footage is absolutely astonishing as the van blasts its way through the garage, smashing the roof at every point that a concrete support presented itself.  We know that the concrete isn’t moving so the only option is for the van to get stuck or for it to break. It turns out that the answer is somewhere in the middle as this van turned out to be a little bit more flexible than we had originally anticipated. With a combination of the suspension compressing and the top of the van taking a beating while flexing, the sight is certainly something that everybody should see for themselves.

The video below is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime situation as it comes alive and will likely leave most viewers in awe. It’s hard to say what the exact circumstances were that led up to this moment but we would absolutely love to hear how that poor van ended up here.

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