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Vaughn Gittin Jr. Will Drift the Nurburgring in a Ford Mustang RTR

When you think about lap times, normally, the Nürburgring is one of the facilities that is the go-to benchmark for figuring out just how fast a car can be. With a variety of different portions of the track that require both driver and automobile be on top of their game in order to experience all of these different sorts of challenges in the most efficient way possible, some argue that if the car can make its way toward the leaderboard on this track then it could possibly be one of the most well-rounded performance cars to ever lay down some horsepower.

However, unless you’re firing up the good old PlayStation, we have yet to see somebody drifting around the entire thing. As the track has its hairy spots at some points, this could prove to be a pretty interesting display that spans over 13 miles of racing surface that are designed to put drivers through the wringer. However, that doesn’t seem to be something that will intimidate Vaughn Gittin Jr. as he plans to drift the entire thing in the Ford Mustang RTR, showing the car’s capabilities and his wheelman status as he looks to take on some of the most iconic sections of the track in stride with the amazing automobile.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll get a little bit of a peek as to what’s to be expected when this wild Mustang touches rubber to pavement and makes its way around the ring, sideways. It’s going to be pretty entertaining to watch just to see how well this performance animal can handle all of the different challenges that are waiting on the ring. Will he make it all the way around with this purpose built machine? I guess that only time will tell but we’re certainly ready to watch him try!


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