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They Built A Velociraptor Ranger, And It’s Not Disappointing

Here in America, we definitely love us some performance trucks. It seems to actually be a market that’s coming back around somewhat. With the emergence of Jeep’s Trackhawk, we get to see the company trying to dial in a heavyweight. By 2020, we should also be getting a Hellcat-powered pickup truck. Ford has also been a company to get in on this game. As we know, the Raptor has been delivering an off-road performance platform that makes driving a truck exciting again. They’re even rumored to be making a GT500 powered Raptor as well.

One platform that we had become incredibly excited to see was that of the Ford Ranger Raptor. Without wasting too much time, we can say that it’s essentially taking some of the things that we love about the Raptor and tucking it into the smaller package with the Ranger. It even has a turbocharged diesel option to give us even more to choose from. However, after getting us all hyped up reading about this truck, we learned that it wouldn’t be available in the United States. Well, it’s not available yet but has been speculated to land here eventually

It turns out that aftermarket performance company, Hennessy, decided to step in and fill that void for the time being. They would come up with their own package in the VelociRaptor Ranger to give truck fans something to chew on. Among other modifications, the truck will come with a slew of parts like a 4-inch suspension lift and 18-inch wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich KM2 tires. Power wise, we see a stainless steel catback exhaust system and an engine management software upgrade. To add a couple more touches, upgrades like the front bumper with LED lights and fender flairs give it that aggressive look. All of this comes with a 3year/36,000 mile warranty.

You can buy one for $64,950 including the truck or $19,950 plus shipping for just the upgrades.