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Vengeance Racing Takes Sixth Gen ZL1 Well Into The 9s, 150+ MPH

Vengeance Racing Takes Sixth Gen ZL1 Well Into The 9s, 150+ MPH! These days, cars coming straight out of the box have been known to pack quite the heavy punch. With machines getting more and more powerful, the automotive market is getting incredibly exciting to keep up with. However, no matter how powerful these cars get, there’s going to be a little bit of gearhead inside of us all that makes us want to go even faster.

Even though some of the factory stock machines are built with stout components, they sometimes leave a lot to be desired on the table and this is where the aftermarket comes into play to bring the cars up to their full potential.

The perfect example of this was when our friends at Vengeance Racing got their hands on a sixth generation Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. In this case, the aftermarket modifications got flying rather early in the car’s life as the VR1100 package has been applied to spice things up a little bit.

The pros at Venegeance hooked the car up, giving the Camaro the following mods along with the Vengeance touch to make it all come together in one cohesive picture

-Procharger F1A-94 supercharger system
-Vengeance Racing heads/cam package
-LME intake manifold w/ port injection
-ProSpeed ACM and custom fuel system
-Supporting bolt-ons

At the end of the day, all of this was good for consistent 9-second passes. The car would not only reach out and touch a best elapsed time of 9.49-seconds along with a best MPH of 152.78 mph, but it was able to rip off similar passes over and over again. All of this was done with a substantial amount of weight behind the Camaro as it stood Stout at 4,242 lb in the hot weather density altitude that rose over +2000, certainly not ideal racing conditions. For those looking to get in on the adrenaline, it can be captured down in the video below. We wouldn’t be shocked to see this thing going even faster when the good weather comes around later this year.