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Video Breaks Down the Inside of Trump’s Air Force One in Detail, Bigger Than Your House

As the President of the United States, you’re definitely going to travel in style but you also get to fly with about the biggest safety precautions that anybody in the air could ever ask for. Sure, we all know about Air Force One is arranged so that the President and his staff are able to easily and safely get around on the craft but when you take a closer look at it, what is this airplane all about in every last square foot? After all, it couldn’t just be another airplane flying through the sky. This thing has to have something special on board to differentiate it from all the rest of the machines gliding through the air.

With this video, we get taken on an incredibly detailed look inside Air Force One and all of the features that make it the one-of-a-kind aircraft that we all expect it to be. For starters, when it comes to those looking to do harm to the craft, it’s equipped with an EMP system to deal with all of the effects that would come about as a part of a radioactive blast and even bulletproof windows just in case someone decides they want to go for an airborne attack. However, these protection measures aren’t even close to where it all starts.

With a closer look at the plane, we see that it’s equipped for mid-air refueling but otherwise is able to take on a journey of about 6000 miles or so. During that journey of 6000 miles without refueling, the passengers are able to enjoy 4000 square feet of space to spread out. That’s almost double the size of the average American home which gives the hundred or so passengers onboard at any given time, the ability to stretch out just a little bit. Normally, a plane this size would host 600 passengers but due to the special circumstances, the capacity is sliced to a more comfortable amount.

If you’re really feeling fancy, the plane is also equipped with a kitchen that’s ready to hook up 100 people with their own meal and also has a surgeon that’s equipped with plenty of tools and a lot of blood in the president’s blood type, of course to get down to it if an emergency should call. Follow along in the video below that shows us this airplanes hooked up with just about everything one could possibly want and need to live out a happy life! After riding along with Air Force One for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of all the features onboard of this amazing airplane.